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City Uses 2019 Street Inventory As Guide to Plan Repairs

In the fall of 2019, the city commission set a goal of repairing as many of the city’s streets as possible in the most efficient and judicious manner.  To establish a fair and scientific basis, the city instructed CT Consultants, the city’s engineers, to complete a full city street inventory and report on their condition.  Using this report, the city engineer made recommendations on the priority of streets that need repair in what order. (Click HERE to see that inventory report).  This process removes the subjective process that might otherwise cloud political decisions.  From that report, the commission adopted the Five-Year Street Program. (Click HERE to view that Five Year Street Program Plan)  That program began in earnest last year and we are currently working on the streets in the 2021 Street Program.  

Taylor Mill has miles of streets, all of which need some degree of upkeep, maintenance, or reconstruction.  It is the intent of the city to address those issues in the fairest and most efficient manner possible.  This inventory is just one tool that will be used to make those decisions.