Kentucky League of Cities

The Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) is a non-stock, nonprofit membership association serving over 380 Kentucky cities and municipal agencies.

KLC provides cities, leaders and employees with many services including legislative advocacy, legal services, community consulting, training and online training, policy development, and research, and more.

Learn More About City Governemnt

In Kentucky, city governments operate under one of three models: mayor-council, commission or city manager. 

Cities that have a commission form of government elect a mayor, but the mayor serves, participates and votes as a member of the city commission.  Each city under a commission form of government elects four commissioners (instead of council members) and one mayor, all of whom constitute the city commission.  The commission collectively holds both executive and legislative authority. Around 42 percent of cities operate under the commission model. Taylor Mill is a commission form of government.

KLC City Government Resources


KLC City Government Month

September is City Government Month in Kentucky!

City Government Month links local government officials with elementary schools in their city. It provides an opportunity to teach the public and students about the various roles and services that are administered by their local government. Teachers are furnished at no cost state approved lesson plans, a student activity book and classroom materials.

There is also an interactive website that helps explain to students the role local government plays in their neighborhood. The lesson plans, activity book and implementation guide are available to download at

Additionally, the website has a sample resolution a city government can adopt in support of the program.

City Government Month is designed to educate elementary school students on the people and infrastructure they see every day, from the mayor to the city water tower. It is a great opportunity to introduce young people to the responsibility that comes with serving the community, a message driven home by the MuniciPals as they focus on the importance of cities, civics and good citizenship.

You can access the materials and visit the home of the MuniciPals at Make sure to follow the MuniciPals on Facebook and Twitter. You can email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like more information on how your city or school can get involved.

Contact the City of Taylor Mill at 859.581.3234 if you are interested in having one of our city officials come meet with your students to learn more about how local government works!