Get Involved

Make A Difference In The Mill

In Taylor Mill, we take pride in bringing our community together through volunteerism, local festivals, and recreational opportunities and we need individuals like you to make it all happen!

All community events in our city are planned and organized by our Recreation Committee, a volunteer group of residents interested in promoting civic pride.

The committee is staffed by Taylor Mill’s Special Events Coordinator, Kristy Webb.

If you would like to join the Recreation Committee or volunteer at a community event, please call the city Mon. – Fri. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 859-581-3234 or email [email protected].

Gordon L. Johnson Distinguished Park Service Award

The Gordon L. Johnson Distinguished Public Servant Award is awarded annually by the Taylor Mill Commission to an individual who exemplifies the lifestyle of a dedicated public servant in multiple capacities.

Congratulations and thank you to the many citizens of Taylor Mill who have been given this distinguished award.


The Gordon L. Johnson Award honors excellence in the field of volunteerism and loyal service to The City of Taylor Mill.


2001: Gordon L. Johnson
2002: Rita J. Hasler
2003: Rick Mueller
2004: H.L. Moening
2006: Robert Stewart
2007: Meriam T. Fisk
2008: Terri Mueller
2009: Nancy Bishop
2010: Nancy Bishop Krallman
2011: Todd A. Fuller
2012: William L. Vogelpohl
2013: Mark Kreimborg
2014: Bob Haake
2015: Les & Mary Ann Fulmer
2016: John Lucas
2018: Cody J. Kledzik


Mayor Dan Bell presents Cody Zledzik's mother, Jamie Fata with her son's Gordon L. Johnson Award. May 2018

The 2018 Gordon L. Johnson Distinguished Public Servant Award was giving posthumously to Cody J. Kledzik.

The City of Taylor Mill has significantly benefited from Cody's years of volunteerism to the Taylor Mill Police Department’s Explorer Program and his overall dedication to the Taylor Mill Community.

Cody’s footprint will be forever embedded in the Taylor Mill Community, where his legacy lives on. A special thank you to Cody’s mother, Jamie Fata, and his family, for accepting the award.