A message from your Property Valuation Administrator, Darlene M. Plummer: PVA Evaluation of Taylor Mill Real Estate: The PVA is required by statute to “review/physically inspect” all real property in the county at least once every four years. As such, the county is separated into four sections of which one-fourth is reviewed each year. If any increase in your property assessment is made by PVA during this inspection period, you will receive written notice of the valuation change. Make sure you keep your mailing address we have on file current. Printed notices are generally mailed in early April. Additionally, you can view your current valuation at any time by searching on the above tab: Search Property Records. You can also call the PVA office and verify your current year valuation at: 859-392-1750.Non-receipt of a written assessment notice change does not negate the assessment.For 2020, areas under review include Crescent Springs/Villa Hills Fire, Crescent Springs,  Crestview Hills,  Edgewood,  Ft. Wright, Taylor Mill, Villa Hills.Due to COVID-19, the statutory open inspection period is now July 6-20, 2020. All review requests/conferences must be held with the PVA Office on or before July 20. Representatives of the PVA Field Team are in the following areas to capture up-to-date exterior pictures around your home: Fairview, Ryland, Ryland Heights, Kentonvale, Walton, Piner-Fiskburg, and other nearby areas. Field Team Members are equipped with PVA badges and business cards. Please call our office with any concerns.

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Republic Awarded Waste Hauling Contract for City

Dear City of Taylor Mill Residents:

The City of Taylor Mill and Republic Services are excited to announce our new Solid Waste and Recycling partnership.  Effective July 1, 2020, Republic Services will become the new solid waste and recycling service provider for the City.  The current collection schedule will continue through July 3rd and then the following week, the week of July 6th, Republic Services will begin their new collection schedule with Tuesday and Wednesday service

New Republic Service solid waste and recycling carts will be delivered the week of June 22nd. Residents will receive 1-95-gallon cart for waste collection and 1-65-gallon recycling cart for recycling collection. These carts are blue and have lids that are marked for proper contents. Upon delivery of your new carts, marketing materials will be included to advise you of your collection day.  If you need more cans or have specific questions please call Republic at 513-771-4200 or the city at 581-3234.

 In addition, Republic Service has provided the City with an easy to use mapping system so that you can search your address to determine your collection day. With the Republic Service offices being located nearby, Republic Services has committed to address and remedy any issues same day or next day depending on when issue is presented.

Rumpke will collect their cans on the last June collection day.  So for those with Friday collection day, they will collect your garbage and collect you can on June 26th.  For those with a Tuesday collection day they will collect your garbage and your can on June 30th.    

Republic’s new collection days will be Tuesday and Wednesday.  To see what day your collection will be on click on the Service Collection Map below.        Blue indicates TUESDAY COLLECTION    Yellow indicates WEDNESDAY COLLECTION

Map Link:              Service Collection Map for Taylor Mill