Special Commission Meeting: Special Commission Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 10th at 7pm at the city building.  Members of the public will not be permitted to attend the meeting in-person, but are encouraged to view the meeting on the TBNK.org website.  Questions or concerns for the upcoming meeting can be submitted to the City Administrative Officer to present to the commission. Contact can be made by going to city's website or by calling 859-581-3234.

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Special Commission Meeting

The City of Taylor Mill will hold a special commission meeting via teleconference on Wednesday, May 13th at 7pm. The special meeting can be viewed on the TBNK.org website.

If you have questions or thoughts for the upcoming meeting, please contact the City Administrative Officer prior to 6:00pm on May 13, 2020. Contact can be made via email through the City’s website at taylormillky.gov or by calling 859-581-3234.