Taylor Mill City Commission Encourages Residents to Shop Local: In this time of rough econcomic conditions created by the COVID pandemic, the Taylor Mill city commission is asking our residents to suppport our local businesses.  "Small business is the backbone of any economy and our local businesses are no exception." says Mayor Daniel Bell.  "It is times like these that we must show our community support and patronize our local shops to ensure their continue success in these difficult times."   The commission passed a proclomation in support of local businesses.  PROCLAMATION OF THE CITY OF TAYLOR MILL  

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A Message from Chief Knauf

To All Taylor Mill Community Members,

The tragic events that have taken place recently in Dallas and Baton Rouge have given reason for police officers around the country to have a heighten sense of awareness while on duty, serving their community. Moreover, officers here at TMPD have, of course, also been affected by the aforementioned events. Our officers feel like their heads have to be on a swivel, not only having to be concerned with our number one priority, protecting our citizens, but also feeling the need to more intensely guard their own back due to the times we live in. With that being said, we here at TMPD have the pleasure of knowing that the Taylor Mill community overwhelmingly supports us and has our back! Evidence of this fact, are the cards/emails of support, pizza, food trays, bottled waters, cookies and cakes provided to us by residents and local business people.

I have had the pleasure of working for the police department for twenty-eight years, since 1988. During my tenure one thing has been a constant, the unwavering support and partnership that we regularly receive from you, our customer. On behalf of the entire police department, we appreciate your encouragement during these difficult times and thank you for reinforcing that you truly care for our wellbeing. I know I speak for the entire department that it is a pleasure to be a police officer in the City of Taylor Mill, where everyone is so supportive, appreciative and respectful of the police.

Steve Knauf
Chief of Police